The New Age of Stone


Panels are available in virtually any size, shape, color or texture.

These can be used for both exteriors and interiors, providing a quality aesthetic to any use.

As with any use of the CarpenterStone material.  The looks are endless while remaining functionally superior (i.e. fireproof, termite proof, mold proof, light, etc.)
As with all products made with CarpenterStone's TruCast Lightweight, the panels can be easily installed over metal, foam, Goldboard, concrete block, etc.

Most importantly, due to the lightness of the material, the panels can be used in many situations which limit the use of other products.


     Although the above home has utilized the "stone look",                    Above, a worker installs exterior cladding
     remember that CarpenterStone can replicate any material,                made with CarpenterStone lightweight over 
     including wood.                                                                             foam