The New Age of Stone

Comparisons to Concrete and Foam
Comparisons to Pre-cast Concrete

    - Approximately 50% lighter weight 
    - Lower shipping costs 
    - Tools like wood – can be cut, routed, 
       drilled, screwed, etc. 
    - to virtually any substrate - including 
       Gold board, concrete block, wood, and metal 
    - Easier, faster, and less expensive to install 
    - Increased tensile and flexural strength 
    - Simulates almost any texture or surface

Comparisons to Foam

    - Higher quality “look and feel” 
    - Mold resistant 
    - Fire resistant 
    - Significantly increased density means
       that birds don’t peck
    - Does not need Hard Coat 
    - Does not need paint 
    - Attached in the same manner as foam 
    - Cuts as easily as foam