The New Age of Stone

Decorative Elements
The ability of CarpenterStone TruCast to "read" intricate, sophisticated, subtle designs easily and accurately makes it an excellent material for artistic design uses.  Simply, pour into the mold and remove from the mold after approximately two hours and have a work of art to display on a wall in a entranceway foyer, embedded in the floor, on a shower wall, etc.
You can make these pieces large or small.  Thick or thin.  Depending upon the desired results.  Also, the pieces can be textured and natural, or slick and reflective, just by the choice of the mold material.

The piece above was cast on a piece of glass that had the image etched in the glass.  The piece was just poured and cast.  No polishing, etc.  The resulting piece was so reflective that we could not take a picture from "in front" of the piece because we could see the photographer and the background behind him.  Instead, we had to shoot the picture from a side angle, greatly diminishing the effect of the actual piece.  (You can still see a slight reflection of the floor's darker reflection running at an angle across the lower third of the picture.)