The New Age of Stone

EarthBond Asphalt Repair is a simple, easy to use patch material for repairing and maintaining asphalt as well as concrete surfaces. This engineered cementitious material utilizes the most current advances in mix design, modern fiber and proprietary cross linking technology, resulting in the only cement based material known to adhere to
existing asphalt.

EarhBond Asphalt Repair is the latest in alternative fuel source materials for our earth conscience world. Through research and development, we have been able to engage these technologies to build a more relevant product containing 100% less fossil fuels than traditional asphalt repair products.  The fibers utilized in EarthBond Asphalt
Repair enhance strength and increase flexibility essential for high traffic surfaces
and cold winter weather.

CarpenterStone’s EarthBond Asphalt Repair – a concrete solution for asphalt repair.

 - Superior bonding strength
 - Long lasting repairs
 - Easy to use
 - Environmentally friendly - no harmful VOCs
 - Ready for traffic in approximately 2 hours (depending upon temperature, etc.)
 - Minimal preparation
 - Non-Oil based
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