The New Age of Stone

EarthBond One Coat


CarpenterStone EarthBond One Coat is a lightweight base coating that eliminates the need for two base coats.  Due to its light weight and enhanced adhesion, the coating can be quickly and easily applied up to 4" thick, saving time and money.  Also, due to the fiber reinforcement, the mix strength potentially eliminates the need for lath, though the coating may be used over lath if desired or required by code.  The fiber also provides high flexural strength and reduces potential cracking.  The mix has excellent workability and bucket life.


 -  Direct apply to virtually any substrate
 -  Superior bonding strength
 -  Apply in one coat or as multiple coats
 -  Fiber reinforced to provide impact strength and reduce potential cracking
 -  Superior aesthetic finish - texture, stamp, or carve

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