The New Age of Stone

EarthBond Overlay

Another of the new cementitious composites for the 21st Century.  The CarpenterStone stamped overlay mix is a stampable cementitious topping for beautifying concrete or asphalt surfaces.  When stamped it creates textures that can resemble a wide variety of stone and brick designs.

·    Has twice the compressive strength of standard concrete.

·      Has higher tensile and flexural strength than standard concrete.

·      Can be installed over concrete or asphalt.

·      Can be installed in thickness of ¼ - 3/8” over concrete and ½” over asphalt.

·      Can be stamped within 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending upon thickness, temperature, etc.

·      Requires no special tools (only regular stamped overlay rakes, trowels, stamps, etc.).

·      Can be stained and sealed in the same day.

·      Can be driven and parked on in only three days.

·      Passes standard freeze / thaw tests.

·      Uses standard stains and sealers.

Contains no co-polymers.


Product Data Sheet

The stamped overlay product can be applied over concrete or asphalt.  Consequently, its' uses for sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc. are numerous.  To see more information about this application click on the following:

Driveway Renovation

Balconies, Patios, and More