The New Age of Stone

EarthBond Terrazzo


Get the unique designs of terrazzo, inside or outside.  Avoid the problems and cost of resin.  Apply a thin topping of ¼” to 3/8” over an existing underlayment and get the look of terrazzo.  Faster and easier to install.  Stronger, and less expensive.  Don’t worry about the cost of petroleum.  It’s only cement, sand, and our patented admixtures and fibers...(plus a couple of other proprietary ingredients).  Add the specialty aggregate that gives you the look and feel that you desire.  And, no need to worry about yellowing in the sun.  So, use it on your pool deck, your sidewalks, and more.

Here are a few samples with various colors and specialty aggregates.  These are only a few of the almost unlimited designs that you can create.

Product Data Sheet