The New Age of Stone

Material Characteristics


CarpenterStone lightweight combines the best qualities of both wood and concrete.

    - Approximately 50% lighter than concrete

    -  Compressive strength of approximately
1,500 - 2,000 PSI. 

    - Tensile and flexural strength of of 5-10 times the PSI of concrete.

    - Non-combustible

    - Mold resistant.

    - Passes standard freeze-thaw tests due to its low thermal expansion co-efficient.

    - Can be cut, trimmed, nailed, screwed, routed, or bonded like wood.  

    - High plasticity and easily molded and formed.

    - High readability and readily takes any form or imprint from molds.

    - Limitless colorization, which coupled with its readability, allows it to be made to look like almost any building material, including limestone, slate, wood, etc.