The New Age of Stone

Modular Wall System

Modular wall systems can be made from the material.

-  Modular, monolithic 4' x 8' wall sections
-  Approximately 50% lighter than concrete.
-  Can be handled by two men with no equipment
-  Quick,  easy installation
-  Fireproof
-  Termite proof
-  Mold resistant
-  Can be cut and tooled like wood for electrical installation, plumbing, etc.
-   Can be delivered with insulation already integrated into the unit

These environmentally "green" units can be finished in a variety of ways in order to achieve a wide array of styles by using stucco, paint, attached panels or siding, etc.

These modular walls can be constructed in a variety of techniques using proven construction techniques, whether traditional frame construction as above or using a "core wall" technique for floors, walls and roofing.