The New Age of Stone

The Products

Since CarpenterStone is primarily a material science company that focuses on research and development, we work with other companies to market, sell, and support the products that we develop.

CarpenterStone sells directly to large, high volume institutions but depends upon our distributors to support the contractor, installer, and smaller volume manufacturer markets.

However, most of our products are private labeled and you will often not realize that the products were developed by and based upon our technology.  Even it is in another company's name you may find a reference that the product is "powered by CarpenterStone technology".



For the ease and convenience of most installers, contractors, and smaller manufacturers, we offer all of our products in a two-component bag and bottle format. 


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Casting Products:                                                    


   The ultimate casting product for furniture, floor tiles, panels and more.

  The best countertop mix on the market.

   When weight is important!  The markets' most advanced lightweight cementitious casting composite.

Horizontal Overlayment and Underlayment Application Products:          

   A new revolutionary patch material for a longer lasting asphalt repair for potholes and cracks.

Exterior and Interior Coatings: 

    Save time and money.  CarpenterStone's direct apply exterior coating can be applied in one coat or multiple coatings.     


Institutional Packaging:

All of the products listed above are also available in institutional packages.

For our largest customers, the admixtures are available in totes with a "mother mix" providing all of the dry
ingredients except for the cement and aggregate.  All other fiber, additives, and aggregate supplements are provided in unit dose bag solutions.