The New Age of Stone

The Technology
The Material Science

The company’s Intellectual Property is based upon a continuum of formulary that range from:  a lightweight cementitious (cement-based) formula with weights as light as wood while still achieving compressive strengths comparable to concrete, to stronger, denser and heavier composites with strengths of two, three, and four times those of concrete while able to be cast and poured as thin as 1/4-1/2".  Each of these is based upon the fundamental building blocks of concrete.  CarpenterStone has developed a combination of chemicals and processes that allow us to produce composite materials that are stronger and lighter than previously possible.

We separate our general technology into two categories dependent upon their integral qualities.  The technology that provides materials so light and strong that they can be tooled and installed by a CARPENTER.

The technology that produces our various mixtures that are as strong and dense as STONE.

To see technical information, product applications, photos, videos, and more, select one of the product items on "The Products" page.

Important:  The pictures that you see of countertops and precast pieces such as architectural trim pieces, etc. are NOT products made by CarpenterStone.  These are pieces made by our customers using our materials.         

It is the same with the photos of driveways, exteriors of buildings, etc.  CarpenterStone did not perform the installation of the driveway or apply the exterior coating on the building.  Our customers conducted these projects utilizing our materials.

Our research and development is focused on producing products that we sell through distributors to users involved in producing and selling countertops, fireplaces, furniture and artwork as well as installers which apply exterior and interior coatings, molding and architectural trim, etc. and repair sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, balconies, etc.