The New Age of Stone


Imagine…. an advanced chemical mixture that allows modern fiber technology to be combined with the raw materials of cement and sand creating an unparalleled building material with two to three times the PSI of standard concrete while demonstrating exceedingly high tensile and flexural character. Now, consider being able to pour, extrude, and cast this material into virtually any shape (see the photo below).  Combine that with the ability to pour or cast the pieces in thickness as small as 1/4" to 3/8".

This technology allows us to manufacture furniture, floor tile, etc. that are strong; and, yet, lightweight.
  These products can have the look of natural stone in any color, or they can have their own rich color, depth, and luster.

TruCast is a formulation that produce dense, strong mixes customized to the specific product application.  Read more about the product applications, as well as the qualities and characteristics of the various compositions below.

Product Data Sheet

Product Applications

TruCast's unmatched combination of strength, density, and readability provide a wide array of product benefits.

Below are few examples of products made with TruCast.
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     Fireplace Hearths and Surrounds

GFRC Replacement

   Floor Tiles

Flooring Systems

     Decorative Elements

The Material

TruCast combines the most advanced chemical technology with modern fiber advancements, this technology allows us to bind the raw materials of cement and sand with other ingredients in a stronger, denser manner than previously possible, creating an unparalleled building material . 

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Material Characteristics

Material Comparisons Chart

To see a video of mixing, pouring, and pulling TruCast Multi-Max.