The New Age of Stone

TruCast Countertops

Imagine... a cementitious material that allows you to pour a countertop in your shop and deliver the countertop to be installed, or pour it on-site.  No multi-day, multiple step process. Just pour into the mold and allow it to cure for four hours.  Apply a sealer and it’s ready for use.

Less labor.  Less time.  More profit.

And, it’s beautiful.

Add colors, and textures to get virtually any look or design that you desire.  It’s easy, beautiful, and cost effective.


    The countertop, as well as the floor tiles and even the "squiggly" support column, in the above photo are all made with TruCast Countertop mix.

CarpenterStone's TruCast Countertop is a dual component countertop bag mix that greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct a traditional concrete countertop.  With the wide range of color selections and aggregate loading, design considerations are nearly limitless.  TruCast Countertop can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial countertops, cash wraps, reception areas, serving surfaces, and more.  Its versatility allows you to pre-cast or cast in-place.


  - Superior aesthetic read
 -  Cures in as little as 4 hours
 -  Grind and/or polish in as little as 6 - 8 hours
 -  Cast as thin as 1/2" or in more traditional thicknesses
 -  Fiber reinforced, eliminates the need for mesh and/or rebar
 -  PSI of approximately 10,000
 -  No co-polymers, acrylics, or epoxies

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Table Tops and Counter Overlays

Whether countertops for the bath and kitchen in a residential home, or cash-wraps and counters for a commercial business, the TruCast Countertop mix provides the strength and beauty to meet the demands of your customers.