The New Age of Stone

TruCast Lightweight

Imagine…… a proprietary “green” building material that has all of the positive attributes of both concrete and wood without any of their respective, inherent drawbacks … a material that is fireproof, mold proof, termite proof, strong but lightweight….. a material that can be formulated to have the PSI of cement or a quarter of its hardness and density – depending upon the market application … a material that can have four times the tensile and flexural strength of concrete, or less, again depending upon the application …. a material that can be cut or trimmed and nailed, screwed, or bonded – just like wood… a material that is UV stable, passes industry standard freeze-thaw tests, is stain resistant, can be formed into virtually any shape, can be impregnated with any color (down to the core) and can be made to look like virtually any building material - whether it be limestone, slate, wood, etc.

Now, think of the business impact of this material, considering the following… It can be manufactured by either semi-skilled labor or with highly automated, material processing and handling equipment …. it can be installed by carpenters instead of masons…. it significantly impacts the way architects think and allows them freedom to design with significantly less support considerations due to the lightweight advantage over concrete… it is not only cost competitive but provides builders significant bottom line savings when factored in on an installed basis. 


Product Applications

The types of products that can benefit from the qualities of TruCast lightweight are virtually endless.  Below are few examples.

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Exterior Architectural Elements and Trim 
         Molding, Balusters, Columns, Caps,
         Sills, Banding, Finials, Brackets, Etc.


Panels for Interior and Exterior Usage

> Light-weight Flooring Underlayment

Exterior Finishes for ICF

Curtain Walls

Modular Wall Systems

Core Wall Applications

Other Products